Rules and general conditions

  1. Article: Rules of conduct for users

In the forums, the portal My name is Covid – 19, everyone has the right to express their opinion, position, experience and experiences, without:

  1. ridicule and/or insult other forum users,
  2. incite to religious, racial, sexual, national, political or any other intolerance.
  3. One expresses personal opinions with an argumentative reply and does not use inappropriate terms.


  1. Article: Measures of the moderator / administrator

The moderator / administrator takes care of smooth communication and helps users to use the system. If necessary, the moderator / administrator may within 24 hours, change, lock and / or hide for reading messages with inappropriate content or offensive comments, without explanation.

The moderator / administrator judges the suitability of the published content.

At the discretion of the moderator / administrator, in case of suspected abuse of the system or violations of the rules of conduct, restrict or terminate the access of the individual user to the site.


  1. Article: Complaints and comments from users

Users can send all comments on the function of the system, the work of the moderator / administrator, on the content of topics and other observations, to the email address marketing@mynamecovid-19.nett or by clicking in the forum on the link “Report Post”. The administrator reviews the comments as soon as possible, removes them within three (3) business days if necessary, and provides feedback to the user if necessary.


  1. Article: Use of the network

The registered user, upon registration, agrees to the provisions set out on this page and in the General Terms and Conditions. An unregistered user agrees to the posting of a message on the forum in order to comply with the stated conditions. The user is personally responsible for the content he writes and assumes full liability for it, and is aware of the possibility of passive legitimacy in the event of a dispute or requests from the competent authorities.

The user is obliged to protect the username with a suitably secure password (at least a six-digit password with a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers is recommended) and to protect it from other persons. The administrator may, in its sole discretion, refuse to assign a username to an individual who points to another person, abuses trademark law, is obscene, unacceptable, violates other rules, maliciously imitates established nicknames of other user images.

The manager recommends that the nickname (author) you use regularly register to prevent confusions and other inconveniences. The manager asks you to use the search engine before opening a new topic and to stick to the topic when writing comments on posted messages.

Open and covert advertising (communication in a forum with the official company name or brand name, advertising slogans, posting links to other websites, all covert forms of advertising such as guerrilla marketing, sales and commercial research in forums) Medico Veritas, d.o.o. charged according to the valid price list. Medico Veritas d. o. o. has the right to issue an invoice to the company / person who is covertly advertising for each identified disguised advertising as described in the previous sentence, and the company / person is obliged to pay for the charged service.


  1. Article: Special warning

The information published on the website is intended for general information and cannot replace a personal visit to a doctor or other relevant specialist. If you think you need professional help, contact your personal physician or the appropriate institution.
Please note that published content and information may change daily and become obsolete. We accept no liability for published content.

The messages on the forums are the opinion of the individual and not necessarily the position of the website operators. The administrator is in no way responsible for the content of messages and files posted by users on the forum.


  1. Article: Copyright

Portal My name is Covid – 19 is owned by Medico Veritas d.o.o. All rights reserved.

By publishing content on the portal My name is Covid – 19, users grant Medico Veritas, d.o.o. the right to use the content they create and share with other users.
This is especially true when users post content that is subject to intellectual property rights (text, photos, video…).

With this useers grant company Medico Veritas d.o.o. a non-exclusive, gratuitous, transferable and territorially unlimited license with the possibility of sublicensing and without royalties. With this license, Medico Veritas d.o.o. uses the content for public and commercial publications and divides it into other internet networks and uses it for other purposes of the company’s operation.

The content on the portal may contain material, the copyright of which may also be the property of third parties, so any provision of information is permitted only with the written consent of the operator. For any use of the content from these sites, you can contact our address

Reproduction of content by the site is permitted only with the written permission of the operator. The operator of the portal My name is Covid – 19 reserves the right to use and publish content for its own needs, while the source and identity of the writer remain hidden, as well as does not disclose the origin and identity of the writer.


  1. Article: Sources of pictorial material:

own collections and/or stated on links.


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