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Last season against Manchester City, this season against Chelsea: both times, Hazard was returning from injury, not fully ready. Both times he was put straight back in the team as much for his sake as theirs, with Zidane even saying something about helping him recover; both times, Madrid went out and he did nothing. It's absurd to ever suggest that a player doesn't VeraRadke maglia juve prezzo JoesphMca want to play well, but it's easy to see a manager's loyalty as unreciprocated. (And, incidentally, the idea that Zidane and Hazard come almost as a package, held at the top of juventus drakt the club, is not an insignificant one as the politics play out).  
But at the same time, the fact that patience wears thin is natural enough; patience is a virtue for which VeraRadke maglia juve prezzo JoesphMca most football clubs don't have the time. In Hazard's first season, it was actually remarkable how little focus there was on him, perhaps because of the pandemic, perhaps because Madrid went on and won the league without him. Compare the criticism of him to what Antoine Griezmann faced at Barcelona, for example, and it's minuscule. Hazard scored once. Griezmann scored 15 times.  
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